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Thursday, April 29, 2010

What to expect on Jeter Rd. in the next month.

Information from Kelly Swan and Evan Junker, representatives with Williams production.

  • The pipelines are scheduled to be done by May 15th. 
  • The fracking processing will begin at the Blessing well within the next week and it will take about one month. 
  • At the Jeter Rd. site there will be a dozen storage tanks and a gas lift compressor installed and made operational. The compressor is a 300 HP compressor about the size of a truck. This compressor will not be housed in a barn but it will have a sound wall around it. 
  • Williams is saying that they can not put storage tanks and a gas lift compressor at the well pad due to not enough space. The frack equipment will take up all available space. 
  • The storage tanks to be located on Jeter Rd. will need to be emptied every day. So truck traffic will greatly increase on Frenchtown Rd.
  • Williams is looking at an alternate site in which the Jeter Rd. equipment would move to. However, at this time Williams is unwilling to share any information as to the location of that site. Most recently Mr. Swan has stated that Williams will share more on this by mid May. ABCA has expressed a desire NOT to have this location near homes or schools, be in a industrial or commercial area and use all the available green completion methods. 
  • With a new sight, Williams could need to negotiate new right-of-way agreements for pipeline.
  • Mr. Swan has stated that Williams will be taking air samples periodically during the next few months and will make that information public on This is an effort to be more transparent with the community. However, to truly be transparent I would hope they would report disparaging results as well. 
Statement posted by Williams:

Williams is developing approximately 20 new natural gas wells in Argyle. (currently 23 wells with more planned)
To facilitate these efforts, our pipeline affiliate purchased a 7-acre site near the corner of Frenchtown and Jeter Road for the purposes of installing natural gas compressors and tanks for water associated with natural gas production.
We participated in a public meeting in January to discuss and explain this project to local residents.
The original plans for the site also included the development of a saltwater disposal well by a third-party. That part of the project was canceled in February.
Since that time, we have also announced that we are pursuing an alternative site for the compressors and water tanks, with the goal of re-locating our Argyle facilities further from the interior of a neighborhood, moving closer to established traffic routes for water hauling and pursuing a larger amount of acreage to help create greater buffer around a prospective site.
We are currently evaluating and working toward securing such an alternative site. The closing on that transaction is yet to be complete, pending our survey, environmental and right-of-way research.
In the meantime, pipeline work is underway at the existing Jeter Road site, which is necessary and independent of the ultimate future location of the compressors and tanks.
Additionally, we do have a need to install temporary equipment at the existing site, including tanks and meters, to meet contractual requirements for bringing gas production online at wells that have been drilled.
These temporary facilities could be necessary for an estimated period of six months to allow for construction of permanent facilities at the alternative site, as long as it proves viable.
Williams expects to announce a decision during May.


  1. When talking to Denton County yesterday, I was told that Williams only holds a permit to put a pipeline on that property, as of that time, nothing else.

  2. VERY IMPORTANT, Denton County just confirmed that pipeline is the only permit they have for the land at Jeter and Frenchtown.

    ALSO, you can say 'NO' to the Salt Water Disposal Pipeline on your property. It can be considered a non utility and will slow the process and possibly abate it. You DO have a voice.

  3. Thank you zoe for your comments. Unfortunely, the waste water pipeline deal was done back in September or October and Williams was able to secure all landowners in the proposed route. I believe they mislead owners as to what kind of pipes were going to be installed. I also believe that anyone who held out they immediately threatened eminate domain. Unfortuntley, Mockingbird pipleine was able to use intimadation and lies to get what they wanted. Residents at that time did not know about the possible injection well, compressor station and CCF that would come. In fact, one home owner apon discovering the true intentions of Mockingbird at the Jeter Rd. site tried to challenge them by claiming the contract he entered into was not valid because it was made under false pretences. After looking into what legal action he could take he was faced with disappointment. All he could do was be true to his morals and not except any compensation for the distruction of his property. Pipeline and gas operators have an immense amount of power in the state of Texas. ABCA will look into and explore all possible means to combat the problems these families have and will have to indure. What has happened at the Jeter RD. site is simply unethical and defies basic moral principles. Thank you for your comments and keep them coming as all thoughts and discussions around gas exploration in this area will prove beneficial for the community.