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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What is happening on Jeter Rd.?

Now that the Injection well is gone, the Jeter Rd. site will have 4 compressors and a minimum of 27 condensate tanks along with dehydrators and various other equipment needed to separate and boost the natural gas through the transmission line.
The problem with this is... It is in a residential area as close as 100 feet to homes! 
Brief History:
The Jeter Rd. site came to be because of the deal that the Blessing well mineral / landowner and the Wright well mineral / landowner made with Williams Production. This deal was for the two well owners to get paid for the surface damage and minerals captured on their property but not have the long term visual and environmental effects of gas drilling that would substantially decrease their property values. Through this agreement Williams agreed to purchase a piece of property just outside the town limits to locate the compressors and storage tanks needed to support these wells. By the way there are 23 wells between the two sites. That is 23 times the waste that will have to be stored and trucked away daily. The piece of property Williams bought is 7 acre's near the corner of Jeter and Frenchtown Rd in a residential area as close as 100 feet to homes. Since this sits outside of the town limits neighbors were not given a choice or even told about the industrial site going in next door that originally included an injection well. 

Community Concerns:
The surrounding landowners have been violated and striped of their American dream. Our homes values will be greatly reduced and we are left wondering if the industrial site proposed next door will poison our children. 

One solution:
Put the compressors and storage tanks back at the well site. The two well site landowners made the decision along with Williams to allow gas drilling on their property and are receiving compensation for it so they should be the ones to have to deal with the long term visual and environmental effects. Plus it would disperse the air emissions released from these facilities into two sites therefore possibly lowering the concentration of toxic chemicals. It would of been cheaper for Williams if they would of done this in the beginning. Williams has spent time and money to purchase the Jeter Rd site, remove the trees, install pipeline, attend town hall meetings, hire a new community relations guy to handle this issue, and that is just the beginning. Why do you think Williams has gone to all this trouble to please a couple of people?

ABCA's hope is that transparent and factual information through this blog will begin to shed light on the issues around the gas exploration in your neighborhood.  If you have a question, concern or praise please post it under comments. More about the Jeter Rd. site to follow.....  

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