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Friday, April 30, 2010

New Drill Permits 4/23 - 4/30/10

Here are new permits pulled in last week for new gas wells in the Argyle - Bartonville area.   

Submitted 04/28/2010 687019 121-33851 WILLIAMS PROD. GULF COAST, L.P. (924558) RICE RANCH UNIT A 3H  Location - Bartonville

The pipeline for this well site went before the Bartonville city council on April 20th. Steve Vogal with Mockingbird Pipeline stated the pipeline was permited as a class 4 line. This will trigger annual inspections. The Railroad Commision of Texas last updated the pipeline permits on 3/25/10. As of that date no new pipelines have been permitted for Denton County this year. ABCA is watching the RRC website closely and will update you when information becomes available.  

Submitted 04/23/2010 694980 121-33958 HILLWOOD O & G OPERATING CO LP (388852) W. J. LAKES UNIT J 3H   09 DENTON Location  - Country Lakes

Submitted 04/23/2010 Approved 04/26/2010 694981 121-33959 HILLWOOD O & G OPERATING CO LP (388852) W. J. LAKES UNIT J 4H   09 DENTON  Location - Country Lakes 

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