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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Violated by the Industry

"Greed closes it’s eyes to basic human needs in it’s excessive lust to possess wealth. Wealth, at any and all costs. Drilling does not belong in a residential community or by schools or churches. It just doesn’t, plain and simple. Drilling is a dirty and dangerous business and the money made from drilling in a residential area is just as dirty and dangerous. In my very small community, I’ve personally witnessed the ugly entrails of greed in the forms of betrayal, manipulation, intimidation, regret, bribery, status and power." runnersusan
More and more people everyday are expressing similar thoughts. Many have said they feel violated. Their homes and families are being compromised for natural gas exploration. Some of said their voice has not been heard. 
One neighbor near the Jeter RD. and Blessing well site has had serious health issues that have left her in a position where she can not tolerate even the normal levels of VOC's. She sent Williams a certified letter and stated her situation. A rep from Williams came to her door and told her husband it will be okay if the Jeter Rd. site is only temporary (6 months). So somehow it is okay to compromise someone's health for six months. I do not think so.  She has tried to contact Williams on numerous occasions and they will not return her calls or respond in writing. Probably because they do not have a real answer for her. Probably because it would mean they would have to stop fracking. Maybe because the Jeter Rd. site could not exist even for a day. So in my mind, Williams chose making money over a life. 
Everyday I am hearing from people who have been hurt by the gas industry.  This is the price of urban drilling. This community needs to understand that we are paying a price much greater than any royalty we may receive. Have you been violated, mislead, betrayed or wronged in anyway by the industry? If so, please comment on this post. We want to hear from you.

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