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Monday, May 10, 2010

Elections are over - GAS operations move to Unincorporated Areas

If Williams is pushed out of Flower Mound
where will they go.....


Get ready if you live in or next to Argyle or Bartonville's ETJ or unincorporated Denton County- you are a TARGET!!!

Now Williams will simply move to the unincorporated areas where they have NO ordinances, NO setbacks, NO restrictions as to where they operate. What a sweet deal for them.

Flower Mound was successful in sending the message to gas operators they are not welcome in F.M. Now with a new Mayor and council members in support of a moratorium, a pause on gas drilling could be a reality. 

The unofficial report shows James Ferrell and Gracie Egan as the elected council members.
Only 11% of the registered voters in Bartonville voted.  (128 voted of 1070 registered) That is disappointing.
Bartonville Unofficial Results

Argyle did not have elections because only one council member (Bonny Haynes) was up for re-election. She ran unopposed so the Argyle town council called off the elections. Correction: ABCA has made a mistake. It was not Bonny Haynes it was Hasty, Thomas and Schreotke that ran unopposed. Holt, Landrum and Haynes will be up for reelection next May. If anyone wishes to run for a council seat be sure you have your name in around January or February 2011.  


  1. Hasty, Schroetke and Thomas (who finished the term Joe Phelps vacated) filed for re-election, but drew no opposition.

    Next year -- 2011 -- Haynes, Holt and Landrum are up.

  2. What can we do to keep them out of the unincorporated areas? Who has jurisdiction to make the appropriate regulations?