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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gas Lift Compressor

I took this picture of a compressor this past weekend. I think this is an example of a gas lift compressor system that will be made operational on the Jeter Rd. property in the next week. Mr. Swan stated the Jeter Rd. temporary gas lift compressor would be 300 HP and would NOT be enclosed.

In 2007 a gas lift system was installed in Keller. The equipment was 350HP with approximately dimensions of 11'x24'x10'.The city of Keller made the operator, Encana, install an enclosed soundwall building to reduce the sounds and vibrations because of its proximity to residential areas. The enclosure resulted in a 43 decibel sound transmission reduction at 300 feet thus meeting the required limit of 90 decibels at that distance. And would provide zero decibel impact over ambient at 600 feet.

ABCA will press Williams to do the same here. Whether it is temporary (6 months to a year) or not the residents around the Jeter Rd. site did not consent to a compressor station and CCF (centralized collection facility) in their backyards.


  1. How are the compressors powered?

  2. Gas engines. As of yesterday, Williams representatives stated they will be enclosing the gas lift compressor with a soundwall. However, the top will be open unlike in Keller where it was completely enclosed.

  3. They are pretty noisy and seem to release a considerable amount of exhaust. There is one on Copper Canyon Road operated by Trio Consulting that is running 24 hours a day. It's just after the railroad crossing on the left next to the Upper Trinity Water Tank. You have to walk or bike down the road to see it because of the construction. I called TCEQ about it and am waiting on the results.