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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ABCA's solution to Jeter Rd.

ABCA had a meeting with Commissioner Andy Eads, Judge Horn and Williams representatives yesterday.

The alliance clearly stated that it is our desire for the Jeter Rd. site to move back to the Wright and Blessing well pads. This would correct the unethical practices that have occurred when Williams and town officials made the decision to violate a residential neighborhood by putting a permanent industrial site on Jeter Rd. Williams stated that was not possible.

The explanation Williams gave for not moving the compressors and tanks to the well sites were:

  • not enough space at well site
  • better for Williams operations to have centralized facilities  
  • town officials do not want this

Williams shared that an alternate site was the best solution. They are looking for a location that allows for greater setbacks, out of a neighborhood and that the trucks could easily access from a main road. The Alliance said, "It is our desire that this alternate site not be near homes, schools or churches". In apparent effort for Williams to stay within their legal boundaries they would not disclose a possible alternate location.

ABCA expressed a desire to work diligently on this issue while maintaining a firm and reasonable stance with Williams representatives. It is ABCA's desire to reach positive solutions for the entire community.


  1. I think if the ARGYLE town officials don't want this, and it is to service the town councils' wells, they should find a home for it in their town on their property. Instead they are 'attempting' to get rid of the waste water and supporting technical equipment in unincorporated areas. I find this technique VERY SLIPPERY and SHADY. I think, the people who wanted the wells and signed off on the wells, and are getting paid by the wells, should accept full responsibility for their decision.

    It's call accountability.

  2. Williams does not want to recycle because then they can't make money by taking in waste from other sites.

  3. We know Williams knows how to recycle because they are doing it in Colorado. Their "good neighbor" crap makes me gag.